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The 32nd Anniversary of the fossil organisms discovery

Having been discovered for 32 years, built for 15 years, being listed as one of the world’s natural heritages for 4 years. Such numbers show no special features among so many scenic spots in Yunnan. But with 530-year-long history and the title of “the most amazing discovery in 20th Century”as well as “the wonder of world’s ancient lives”, Maotianshan Geographic Park in Chengjiang County obtains the one and the only place all over the world.

2016-07-01 happens to be the memorial day of the 32nd Anniversary of the fossil organisms discovery as well as the 4th Anniversary of being selected as the world’s natural heritages of Maotianshan Fossil Group. The construction of the new museum in Maotianshan is also planned to be done by the end of 2016 and open to public during 2107 to 2018.

Maotianshan Mt. seats east to Chengjiang County. 6 km from downtown , 56 km form Kunming, 87 km from Yuxi City. It’s known for the fossil groups discovered here. Maotianshan Fossil Group has been the treasure house of the research on early life evolution of the earth.