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Langcang Laodabao Lahu Characteristics Village

Laodabao Village, located 60 km south to downtown, is the inheritance of the Lahu’ creation epic Mupamipa, and the origin of Lahu multi-chorus music without accompaniment.

People in Laodabao can sing and dance, over 200 of them could act on stage. Lahu music and dance performed in Laodabao are of passion and creativeness. Boys around 13 or 14 can play Sheng and perform Lusheng Dance, girls can sing and perform Bai Dance. Singing skills in Laodabao include traditional singing and multi-chorus  Christian songs sang in Lahu language. Although there is no formal vocal training, some of the villagers could not even read opern, they can sing in 4 chorus, in the past the polyphonic are sang only in the church, not to be explored for a long time until 2004 national and folk traditional culture survey.
Ya’er Folk Art Troupe’s performances are of traditional Lahu cultural characteristics, as well as the inclusiveness to absorb foreign and contemporary culture. Since 2005, they’ve given performances in different scales of shows.