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Two Tourist Destinations of Yunnan Province Mentioned by CCTV during the National Day

Yunnan will be popular again,

since two spots were mentioned by CCTV,

actually because of being too beautiful!

On October 4th, the fourth episode of the large direct broadcasting series reports

Beauties In Our Country -- Color Section was aired

on CCTV news channel,

Dongchuan Red Land, "the proud of Yunnan” with the Chinese touch,

was given a stunning debut on the show for nearly 3 minutes. 

Beauties In Our Country: Color Section -- Land Art Toning The World

Isn't the land astounding

when viewed from the sky?

The view is out of this world, and is rarely found on earth.

This is not the color of soil,

evidently it is the palette spilled by the immortal by accident,

which is left behind on earth and thus become such beautiful scenery. 


Let's take a look at how beautiful Dongchuan is!

It is recognized as the most powerful red land all over the world!

Dongchuan Red Land is considered by experts to be

the most powerful red land in the world,

in addition to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

and its view is more spectacular than the red land in Brazil. 


During summer harvest season of wheat,

except red and green color,

it also adds the blue sky and the bright yellow billowing wheat,

the view is most extensive and shocking at that time. 



Every minute the view you see will be different: 

one minute before it is brilliant and sun shinning,

and the whole scene is magnificent;

one minute later a piece of cloud you least expect comes,

blocking part of the light, the red land lighting,

presenting another picture. 



In autumn, colors become more vivid. 

From September to December, it is even bright. 

Until autumn in November,

scenes here become even more eye-catching.

The gentility sentimental of pea green is faded,

showing a magnificent golden and crimson. 


Each attraction has its own characteristics, and the scenery is changed at different time. The red land turns to be more beautiful after raining; it is faint in the morning, while the light and color is much better in the evening. 


The best sunrise view point: Da Ma Kan 

The best sunset view points: Le Pu Au, Waliang Fangzi 

Accommodation: farmhouse inns in red land are recommended, for they are privately owned and can meet the basic standards of hygiene and safety. Living in farm Inn, the sleep quality is better than usual with the fresh air, you can also experience the village life. You can also choose to live in Dongchuan, and has a round trip to red land in a day. 

Cuisine: it brings a lot of fun to eat peasant food: free range chicken and potatoes boiled in clear soup, preserved pork, blood bean curd and homemade ham and bacon, all have a unique flavor. The vegetable worth eating includes fried potatoes, as well as locally produced white radish, carrot, pumpkin stewed in clear soup, which is sweet and delicious, and clearing away heat, which could be called as the “green” delicacy. 

Beauties In Our Country, Rivers Section-- Ancient Village On The Cliff 

Baoshan Stone Town in Lijiang is introduced on CCTV for 4 minutes.

So let's take a look at how beautiful it is!

In a place about 140km away from Lijiang County, 

there is a place called Baoshan Stone Town,

which seems very much like a castle from a fairy tale.

Baoshan Stone Town is located in

the valley of the Jinsha River at 110 km north of Lijiang,

and it is named so because of hundreds of families living on a separate

mushroom-shaped stone. 

Baoshan Stone Town has been called "La Bo Lu Pan Wu" in Naxi language,

meaning "Bao Shan Bai Shi Village".

It is easy to see the harmonious building complexes and the intersecting alley-ways within the town.

As Lijiang Naxi people build houses by breaking the rock, and house stone pillars and stone eaves are made along the rock.

It is simple and natural, yet wonderful and spectacular.

Looked at Baoshan Stone Town with the "view of God",

it is utterly a huge rock

standing on the steep hillsides of Jinsha River canyon,

towering around powerfully, with rolling Jinsha River to the east,

the magnificent and precipitous Tai Zi Guan in the North,

the winding Yak Mountain on the west,

and rock and cliffs on the south. 

All three sides of Lijiang Baoshan Stone Town are steep precipices and cliffs,

one rock slope directly goes into the Jinsha River,

only two rock crosscuts are available to and from North and South.

It is really a city of natural barrier. 

Wheat ripe in May and rice ripe in October, the green and golden sea of wheat and rice ho[FS:Page]lds the wheel-like stone town, just like a castle in fairy tale. 

The Stone Town houses are in a completely different style with good looking,

it also condenses the Yunnan people's wisdom for generations.


Transportation: Starting from Lijiang, about 140 km to the Bao Shan Stone Town, after passing the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenic spot, it is of poor road conditions with multiple bends and narrow lanes. Now mostly you can reach Baoshan Stone Town Parking from the Xiangshan Market by commercial vehicles. Self-driving is recommended for better appreciating the scenery along the trip. Drive with caution. Hiking is also an excellent choice for experienced hiking lovers. 

Tickets: Baoshan Stone Town is currently free. But 105 yuan for entering the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is required. And another 80 yuan should also be paid for the town maintenance fee to go from the Yulong Mountain Road to Baoshan Stone Town. You could also take a detour form the Lugu Lake Road which will take an additional 3 hours driving. 

Accommodation: At present, Baoshan Stone Town has several private inns, standard room with bathroom at 60 Yuan and standard room without bathroom at 40 Yuan. 

Dining: You can eat at the inn or other stone town restaurants, mainly dominated by the Naxi style of cooking. It is a good opportunity to experience the authentic culinary culture of Naxi People. 

The best tourist season: April - October 


If you are tired of living in the concrete jungle,

Why not travel to the two spots of Yunnan?

If your body has been stressed out by the city's fast pace,

Maybe you can find yourself in between these mountains.