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The Seventh Cultural Art Festival for Lancang-Mekong River Basin Countries (2017) Will Be Shown Soon

As the most intimate partner and friendly neighbours, Lancang-Mekong River Basin countries are linked by the same mountains and rivers, and pass on traditional friendship from generation to generation. In order to implement diplomatic policy spirit of our country to further develop diplomatic relationship with Lancang -Mekong River Basin countries and promote a better future for Lancang-Mekong River countries with unity and mutual aids, equal negotiation, mutual benefit and reciprocity and win-win cooperation. The Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee of CPC, the Prefecture Committee and the Prefecture People’s Government of Xishuangbanna will hold the “Seventh Cultural Art Festival for Lancang-Mekong River Basin Countries (2017)” (The 22nd Arts Festival of Six Countries) in Xishuangbanna Prefecture in December 2017.

This session of cultural art festival will be designated to promote “One Belt and One Road” and distinctive Lancang-Mekong cultural cooperation with the title of “amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness” to share opportunities, greet challenges and create prosperity jointly through cultural art exchange of the countries in the river basin. 



Amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness



December 12th (Tuesday) to 14th (Thursday), 2017



Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture



Publicity Department of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee of CPC

Xishuangbanna Prefecture Committee of CPC

People’s Government of Xishuangbanna Prefecture


Opening Party of “The Peacock Flies to the South” 2017

Time: 20:00 - 22:00, December 12th, 2017

Location: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, Jinghong City

Contents: The styles and features of co-prosperity, joint development and joint peace creation of Lancang-Mekong River Basin countries by taking culture of Lancang-Mekong River Basin countries as the background, “One Belt One Road” as the outline and the distinctive art forms. 


The Sixth “One River” Xishuangbanna International Image Exhibition

Time: December 12th - 15th, 2017

Location: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing and Tongqinghao Tea House, Jinghong City


“Lancang-Mekong International Movie Week”:

Personel within the industry of movie and TV media institutions of the countries in Mekong River Basin and leaders of Chinese movie industry management institutions as well as experts, scholars and cast members will be invited to take part in relevant activities. Movie copyright trading negotiation, movie show and movie and TV media coordinated development forum for the countries in Lancang-Mekong River Basin to build up external humanistic exchange platform.


“Photography Exhibition”-- Chinese ethnic minority photographer award-winning exhibition and seminar:

In order to comprehensively implement the orientation requirements of cultural and art work of the central and the provincial committee of CPC, and to create and structure team of culture and arts and to update culture and arts in Yunnan Province, combining with the features of photographic art creation, this exhibition will be held in Xishuangbanna. In which famous domestic photographer, ethnology image experts and scholars will discuss about the development of photography of Chinese ethnic minorities. Meanwhile, 32 photographic subjects (more than 1200 works) of 32 excellent photographers from the countries in Mekong River Basin will be shown. 


Jinglan Music Night

Time: 20:00 - 22:00, December 13th, 2017

Location: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, Jinghong City

Contents: Distinctive music cultures of Lancang-Mekong River Basin countries with international folk music


Art Works Trade Fair

Time: December 12th - 18th

Location: Downtown of Jinghong City

Contents: Influential culture and art businessmen in Lancang-Mekong River Basin countries will join the exhibition and to sell jewelries, porcelains, fabric art, woodcarving, silverware and other distinctive cultural and art works of various countries and that of Yunnan. 


The First “Living by Same River” Xishuangbanna International Fine Arts Exhibition

Time: December 12th - 30th

Location: Xishuangbanna Art Gallery, Xishuangbanna National Museum and 1920 Art Gallery

Contents: Centering on fine arts exhibition collected by painters and institutions of China and Mekong River Basin countries as well as South Asian and Southeast Asian countries, with seminars, meetings, training session and art painting activities.


The Fourth “Water Rhythm and Brocades” Ethnic Minority Fashion Show 

Time: December 12th -18th, 2017

Location: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, Jinghong City

Contents: Fully exhibit the culture[FS:Page] of Yunnan and Mekong River Basin countries by focusing on original ecological fashion show of ethnic minorities and to highlight the harmony between human and nature and the national costume culture in Lancang-Mekong River Basin. 


Art Block

Time: December 12th - 18th, 2017

Location: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, Jinghong City

Contents: university students, citizens, tourists and artists who have certain ability of creative production will participate in exhibition, exchange and sale of creative commodities. Creative cultural product contest will also be held on site. 


The Second “Light of Pottery” International Pottery Show

Time: December 1st - 18th, 2017

Location: Gaozhuang Xishuangjing, Manfeilong Village, Taixiang Pottery Works and Bogong Shawan Workshop

Contents: 10 well-known potting artists from Mekong River Basin countries and other artists from the world will be invited to Xishuangbanna. They will communicate with native intangible cultural heritage bearers and pottery craftsmen to create exhibits by using local pottery clay and materials and to shoot documentaries. 


The Second Creative Activity on “Searching for Ancient Tea and Horse Road”

Time: December 12th - 30th, 2017

Location: Menghai Dayi Manor

Contents: Cosplay of caravan characters, tea-drinking custom, tea ceremony, international photography exhibition, treasure hunt and colour painting will be performed. 


The Second “Adventure in Peacock Forest” themed cultural experience 

Time: December 12th - 30th, 2017

Location: Virgin Forest Park, Xishuangbanna

Contents: various creative activities of various nationalities in Lancang-Mekong River Basins, featuring the ecological value and the embracing of green life. 


Cultural Exhibition of Southeast Asia

Time: December 12th - 30th, 2017

Location: Xishuangbanna Wanda Theme Park

Contents: custom and culture exhibition and performance of Southeast Asia


Other activities from Jinghong City Investment

Time: December 12th - 18th, 2017

Location: Dai Garden, Manting Imperial Garden and Parashorea Cathayensis Scenic Area

Contents: Buddhist culture exhibition with releasing live animals in Manting Park; painting and sketching activity in Dai Park; and microphotography show in Parashorea Cathavensis Park.

(Source of article/pictures: Xishuangbanna Fabu)