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Swimming Pool in Rice Paddy: Wa Mountain Mysterious Land Resort Hotel

Have you ever seen a swimming pool in a rice paddy? Have you ever seen a fairyland with the scenery consisting of water-covered fields, green lakes and mountains, surrounded by singing birds? In Wa Mountain Mysterious Land Resort Hotel, located in Ximeng Wa Autonomous County, Pu'er, Yunnan, you can see such picturesque scenery - a swimming pool in rice paddy - beside the beautiful Longtan Lake.


Paddy represents a very old farming means, which itself completes an ecosystem, being the earliest way to achieve harmony between human and nature. Rice paddy replaces the mainstream luxurious landscape, which strengthens the link between human and the land we are living on, being an innovative exploration for environmental protection, energy conservation, sustainable development, ecologic real estate and countryside construction. Hidden in deep mountain with ancient towering trees and ecologic originality, it is a place full of smell from virgin forest, revealing acme luxury. Wa Mountain Mysterious Land Resort Hotel is the first resort hotel with swimming pool in rice paddy in Yunnan



Wa Mountain Mysterious Land Resort Hotel, sitting beside the beautiful Longtan Lake with surrounding virgin forest in Ximeng Wa Autonomous County, Pu'er, near the border between China and Burma, covers an area of 55 mu. With mild autumn-like weather here all the year around, it becomes a paradise for health care. And it is also the birthplace of the performance - Wa People Singing New Songs. It is a famous slow city with original ecological life style in China.

It consists of A'Wa Hall, Village Center Pillar, Village Cattle Head Square, Wa Stockade Fair, Wa Mountain Kitchen, Firepit House, Large Wooden Drum House, Wa village paddy field, tea garden, orchard, vegetable garden, "Moonlight Goddess" tea-leave swimming pool, tea-leave square etc., where the original Wa people village life and culture are reproduced in detail.

No matter how modernized the society will be developed, you can always see a projection of the primitive Wa village. Meanwhile, it is the first resort hotel with swimming pool in rice paddy in Yunnan, which becomes hot among the ecological landscape in south China, attracting endless stream of tourists. It will drive the real estate industry to use swimming pool in rice paddy, vegetable garden flat, fruit garden, flower garden, and tree garden to replace the costly European or American style landscape built in the past ten years. The hotel has 30 villas named as Bird's Nest, Canyon, Firepit and 30 forest rooms.

It is listed in the innovation bases of National Real Estate Managers Association, and has obtained the Award for SMART Best Resort Hotel, and the title of "Starlight Award for China Hotel, Top Ten Best Resort Hotel". It organized the SMART Ecological Resort Hotel Master Forum for 3 consecutive years from 2013 to 2015, and also the 2015 National Real Estate Managers Association Entrepreneur Study Tour in Yunnan. In November 2015, it was rated as the "first batch of outstanding works in national countryside buildings (one of the six in Yunnan)". In January 2016, it obtained the medal for the "Most Distinguished Quality Model in China's Cultural and Tourism Real Estate in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan". In April 2016, it obtained the title of the "Most Beautiful Creation Base for the Most Beautiful Journal in China".


1. Accommodation

As the first resort hotel with swimming pool in rice paddy in Yunnan, it also provides villas named as Bird's Nest, Canyon, Firepit and forest rooms, which maintain the culture of original residents, extensive but exquisite, comfortable, quiet and secluded, harmonious and romantic. Unequalled experience will brighten your eyes.

2. Food

Coming from the original ecological town, the grand feast, including fragrant and mellow ancient tree tea and A'Wa people's chicken rice porridge, brings the feelings from foreign land. You can enjoy the fungus picked in the mountains, being a natural wheat food on the table of farming families.


3. Event

Wa People Carnival Night, Color Fountain, Wa People Singing and Dancing Performance and so on. Young boys and girls, in their passionate singing and dancing, you will see profusion of fallen petals and endless creativity, giving you a different flourishing experience out of the city.

4. Nature

To create a complete ecological environment, all the wooden structure houses and solid wood furniture were made by local artisans in Yunnan, matching with flowers and plants, trees and woods, and swimming pool in rice paddy - which is a unique landscape of Wa Mountain Mysterious Land Resort Hotel. Flowers, fruits, tree, gardens, agricultural culture, unique tea leave swimming pool - "Moonlight Goddess", all the beautiful scenery create a time for dreamland, reflec[FS:Page]ting a different Wa Mountain.